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  Transform your life through Tantra.

You have a beautiful life – from the outside. But on the inside, you ache. 


What is the most important relationship in your life?


It is the one you have with yourself.

For Females & Couples Only

You know you can unlock the courage and confidence to stand up for who you are but need a helping hand to nurture that ability.

You long for a simple life and a soul family to accompany you.

You yearn for a safe space to explore your urges so that you can attract a rich, passionate relationship.

You’ve felt a tingling at your core, telling you that you have a hidden power within you that if you could unleash, would help you to fly.

You sense that deep within, you are truly wild and passionate.

1-2-1 Healing


Online Tantra Circle

Sacred ceremonies & community

As Seen On Tv - Watch Now On My5!


You deserve to live a life rich with meaning

Right now, you might feel like your spirit is suffering under the guilt and shame of the mask you wear. The people around you expect certain things from you, society tells you to behave a certain way and this is exhausting for you.


It’s time for you to open up 

How Tantra Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

Decreases anxiety & depression

Reduces stress levels 

Improves attention & concentration

Clear your blocks and flourish 


Overcome the fear, shame, self-doubt and stories that have been holding you back from wrapping your beautiful self in a loving embrace. Be gently shaken to your core and see clearly how to dance forward and magnetise your true dream life. 

1 Session

This is a sacred space for you to open up and explore that urge.

Where have you been?
That’s not important; where you are going is what really matters most on this journey.


"You can resolve the unresolved."

Kali Amba

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