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The Azhagi Approach

Choose your path of self-discovery

1-2-1 Healing & Coaching

Kundalini Awakening

With the support of intuitive 1-2-1 healing & coaching, overcome the fear, shame, self-doubt, and stories that have been holding you back from wrapping your beautiful self in a loving embrace. Be gently shaken to your core and see clearly how to dance forward and magnetise your true dream life.  

Be guided to dance in the fire of your own inner flame and sing as the warmth licks over every area of your life. Burn away what is no longer serving you and stand naked and unafraid in your power

Enter the circle and unite with goddesses on this journey of undressing. With tantra, sound healing and meditation you’ll realise a new level of reality for yourself whilst simply being who you are.

Sacred ceremonies



Gaze through the spirals of sacred smoke, sip from your cup of molten chocolate, feel the resonance of gongs vibrating through every cell of your being and flow through a portal to join your soul family.

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