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Tantra Chakra Alignment

Tantra Chakra Alignment

Depicted as “wheels” of energy that are constantly in motion, the chakras govern the overall functions of the human body, from our organs to our emotions. Underactive, overactive, and blocked chakras can cause disruptions in the flow of energy along the spinal column creating chakra imbalances. These imbalances are generally caused by bereavement, childhood experiences, family, financial challenges, relationship issues, etc. Until the imbalance is corrected, a range of maladies can occur, including intense stress, emotional instability, and physical illness. The root chakra plays an important role when dealing with energy. Kundalini is the raw energy that resides within the root chakra, also known as the Muladhara chakra. Frequently depicted as a serpent, Kundalini is associated with the maternal/feminine energy known as Shakti. Most of us have energetic blocks & imbalances as well as energy sabotaging habits that prevent us from accessing our full vitality, which leads to exhaustion.


The good news is that doesn't have to continue! Amba Kali our 5th generation Tantric and well-renowned expert on Kundalini, Chakras will help you with a secret supercharge therapy that not only heals your energy but also unleash the full power of your life force. Amba facilitates to release of those deep hidden stuck energies and rebalances them in the most authentic Tantrik way followed and practiced by ancient Indian yogis and shamans. Every chakra is ruled by specific energies, planet, diety, breathe, elements, etc to name a few and Amba Kali uses unique techniques Tantra +Mantra+Yantra = Karma !! Amba Kali will discuss your current lifestyle and mood with you, as well as ensure any physical problem areas are accounted for. In Tantra, massage is treated as a process that addresses the body, mind, and soul physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This works best if you know what you are looking to release, but if you are confused and would like to speak, then email us.

Recommended 7 sessions

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