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What does sacred sex look like?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Why you need (more) sacred sex in your life

Sex, for many of us, when we think about this or hear someone start talking about it we reflexively retreat into a closed shell. If you find that you tense up and your inner voice starts telling you that this “sex thing” is not for you, you probably need more sacred sex in your life. In this blog post you’ll discover what sacred sex is and how it could support your healing journey.

Sex is a beautiful, natural union

A lot of how we identify ourselves hinges on our relationship with sex. Some beliefs that you might have about sex and your identity:

You are a good girl if you repress your sexuality and a bad girl if you answer its call.

It’s not something “decent” people or families talk about.

It’s sin in its simplest form.

Speaking openly about sex means that you might be aligned with sex workers.

Sex should only be discussed quietly, behind closed doors in dark rooms (if at all).

But here’s what you need to know; the origin and absolute essence of you is sex. You are the magical product of sex and the embodiment of the Divine union of male and female. Your parents’ sexual union created the portal for you to take form and come into this world.

Manifestation and sex are perfect partners

You are pure energy, and your human body is the vessel that enables you to resolve the unresolved. Sex manifested your energy into this form and so it makes sense that manifestation and sex are such a powerful combination.

Sex is a significant part of your human experience; and that experience truly is sacred. The intense, pure, creative, manifestation energy that we channel when we choose our own path and follow our own pleasure is the Kundalini energy. This energy can be both creative and destructive, with a wide ripple effect. And we need to consider this when we engage in sex and do so consciously and intentionally.

You might not realise this, but sexual energy is the energy that you need the most to have a successful and positive human experience. It’s also the energy that gets tied up most in our negative human experiences. To engage in sacred sex and choose a positive human experience is absolutely possible for you.

You are a spirit having a human experience

Your body is a beautiful temple, you choose to reside in it for a particular period of time and you get to use it to complete your “mission”. But this human experience can sometimes result in you becoming disconnected from your innate higher consciousness to contract or become disillusioned. Feeling lost and conditioned by the other human forms around you is common on this journey. But it’s time for you to remember your purpose.

Sacred sex can help you to expand your world

Comparing yourself to others or seeking validation, approval and praise from others is not what you are here for. You know this. You know that that inner voice which tells you “I am not good enough”, “I am not worthy enough”, “I will never have enough” or “I am a loser”, isn’t your truth. It’s time to shed those labels which don’t resonate with your soul.

You can live in freedom and stop running in circles like a dog trying to catch hold of its own tail. Sacred sex will help you to reach an altered state of consciousness and break the cycle of your core limiting beliefs.

Sacred sex can be a solo soul journey

You don’t actually need to have a partner to engage in sacred sex. What you do need is to understand what feels good and works for you. You need to own your sensuality and sexuality. Create space to fall in love with your Yoni (vagina). This is the powerhouse of your body temple.

4 tips for embracing sacred sex

1. Make a daily ritual while you shower or after you shower.

2. Always have a clear intention.

3. Promise yourself that you are going to use this sacred energy for a positive purpose

4. Only open yourself up to sharing in this energetic union with aligned souls.

Sacred sex is where magic happens. Your higher consciousness awakens, you will reconnect with your own innate power and purpose, and you will start manifesting what you need. Sacred sex will empower you to tap into ancestral knowledge, elemental spirits, angels and masters to guide you on this beautiful human journey of The Unknown. At times this may feel too much to handle alone.

I hear you; I see you and I am with you, wild woman.

I’m Amba Kali, a 5th generation Tantric from India, and I’ve been helping people experience the power of sacred sex for 22 years. My own life was transformed by this incredible channelling of human energy and I am honoured to share this magic with you so that you can go on to have the most incredible human experience. To begin this journey in a supported way, take a look at these Kundalini Awakening Tantra Experiences[lt1] .

[lt1]Link to service page

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