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Tantra Massage + Ayuverdic Destress Therapy

What Is A Tantra Massage?

A Tantra/Tantric Massage provides a complete theraputic experience and is often used as a form of Destress Therapy. Many people describe the session as deeply:

  1. Relaxing

  2. Harmonising

  3. Detoxifying

  4. Strengthening

  5. Revitalising

What Happens During A Tantra Massage?

The experience starts with an Indian head massage followed by a full body, energy balancing tantric massage, an authentic Indian foot massage, as well as a marma face massage .


The 'marma' points mentioned here refer to what are known as vital points containing PARNA or LIFE. These are known to give energy to the body and mind. This provides sensational healing and a colossal sense of well being. It's worth noting that during the message, medicinal Herbs and oils are also used which are imported especially from Asia where Tantra began. (It's not a massage with just grapeseed oil)

The ancient experience is then completed with herbal detoxifying steam. We use specific Ayurveda herbal medicated oils for the head, body, and face for ultimate wellbeing.

To enjoy the benefits we recommend a minimum of 4 to 8 sessions.

£142.00 - 1 hour 20 minutes. Please book by sending us a message.

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